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Long Island Landscaping Company

Castle Landscapes Inc. having been in operation for the past 25 years, has transformed dreams into reality. We have done this by skillfully and professionally combing years of experience, cost cutting consciousness, unsurpassed quality giving the customer confidence that they will receive a state of the art decorative design. We carefully analyze existing site conditions and carry out the implementation of your landscape design project from concept to completion. Our services encompass an entire spectrum of quality materials and products for all aspects of landscaping to ensure maximum results and total customer satisfaction.

Long Island Landscaping Comapny, Castle Landscapes, Inc., a private family owned and operated masonry company provides efficient, economical and professional landscape design services to the greater Long Island area as well as the entire eastern seaboard. We are proud to offer our customers an array of masonry services to meet whatever needs and demands life should throw your way.  We offer a solid selection of services that can be tailored to your individual needs Our services include Residential landscaping for your home or apartment, Commercial mason services that are fast, efficient, and meticulous, we are only concerned with making sure you and your need are met. Long Island is, as evident for anyone who has spent considerable time living on or driving around, a community that takes great pride in its gardening and landscapes.  With the preponderance of companies that provide landscaping and design services on Long Island, we are spoiled for choices.  But, sadly, there are some companies that are less reputable than others.  With many homeowners desperate to complete their own personal recovery, the less reputable landscape design companies will take advantage of a desire for quick replacement of landscaping and make promises they cannot keep and perform work that on the surface looks solid but underneath are conditions that are doomed to fail or require excessive maintenance or repair.

Understanding that they have a variety of choices for their landscaping needs should remember to take a deep breath and organize themselves before requesting quotes.  First, determine a budget for the project and stick to it.  Some landscapers will make promises of cost-efficient ways to deliver your desires but then it will be revealed that they were mistaken about the costs.  This will usually happen after work has started and homeowners will be stuck in a situation where the easiest solution is to acquiesce to spending more than they planned.  Next, think in terms of the types of plants, shrubbery and trees you may want and then shop around for prices.  This will also help you to understand your wants versus your wallet and to also understand how any quotes you receive are derived.
When you start to seek out landscapers to do the work and from whom you will request quotes, due diligence is the key.  Seek out the opinions of neighbors, friends and family members who have used landscapers recently.  Check references and see if the landscapers have websites, Facebook or Pinterest Pages where they post up pictures of their work.  Also, seek out online reviews on sites that the landscaper does not control to see what people are saying about them.  By taking these simple steps, homeowners can put themselves in the best possible position to achieve their landscaping dreams without dealing with unnecessary nightmares

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