Attractive & Functional Retaining Walls

Proudly serving Dix Hills, Huntington, Melville, Oyster Bay, Smithtown, Syosset, and Woodbury, NY

Retaining walls are an attractive and practical way to hold back soil and other material in order to prevent erosion. The experts at Castle Landscapes can craft a sturdy and attractive retaining wall for your property in Smithtown, NY or the surrounding area that will stand the test of time. Whether straight or curving, wood, brick, or block, we are sure to have the material and design expertise to enhance any landscape with a retaining wall. Keep reading to learn about several key differences in materials to get an idea of what will work best for your property.

Wood (CCA Landscape ties)

  • Wood (CCA Landscape ties) retaining walls are primarily used to retain soil in areas that are not readily visible, where the desirability of enhancement is not required.
  • Wood (CCA Landscape ties) Walls are usually stable for up to 30 years.

Natural Stone, Brick & Block

  • Natural Stone, Brick & Block walls are used in any area where it is necessary for soil retention or where it accents a specific garden.
  • When properly installed a stone wall is stable for a life time.