• Patios are designed from the traditional rectangle
    to the more intricate free flowing curves of an intricate installation.
  • The wide variety of materials to choose from include bricks, pavers, flagstone or specialty stone.
  • Designs can be of the basic to the detailed free form design with Euro-circles, fans, clamshells and figurines.


  • A directional paved area connecting front entrances to roads and/or driveways to an elaborate connection of the rear patio or pool deck.
  • The various materials used are often finished with a border that is running or soldiered border using either contrasting or complimentary paving stones to add color or variety.


  • Brick paving is a significant investment for any property owner.
  • A new driveway not only adds to the value of the property but is also a durable and appealing surface that will improve the look of your home.
  • Paved driveways have become one of the most popular home improvements in recent years.
  • Just as with patios, designs can be of the basic to those more detailed with Euro-circles, fans, clamshells and figurines.
  • New aprons of varied materials replace the usual concrete.
  • Running or soldier course borders with pavers now replace the common use of Belgium block or other vertical stone.

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