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Healthy trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape, but it’s easy to forget that trees need regular care and maintenance to look and grow their best. The best-looking trees don’t just happen by accident. Neglecting proper tree care can result in a shabby-looking canopy, pest infestation, disease, and fragile limbs. If the trees on your property need pruning, trimming, or removal, count on the experts at Castle Landscapes Inc.

Tree Services


  • Dangerous limb and tree removal (necessary when they conflict with adjacent plant material, residences, new installations, or when trees are diseased or dying)

  • Stump grinding as deep as 14″ below the natural grade, removal. (Replace grindings with organically enriched fine-screened topsoil.)

  • Storm damage cleanup and prevention

  • Topping and crown reduction

  • Aesthetic pruning, trimming and shaping


Performance and Completion

  • Professional climbers and ground personnel

  • All jobs supervised by project management

  • Total site clean-up upon completion


Winter Pruning

Winter is the perfect time to prune and care for all trees and shrubs throughout your landscape. Pruning is performed for the health of the tree, elevation is for safety, and topping is for controlled growth.

Give Our Tree Care Experts a Call

With proper tree care and maintenance, the trees on your property can provide shade and beauty for a lifetime or more. We proudly offer expert tree care services throughout Long Island. Call today to get started.

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